Director's Welcome

Ted Welsh, DSIAC Director

I am very honored to be part of the Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) stakeholder community and am committed to maximizing the DSIAC value contribution to the Warfighter.  The launch of DSIAC on January 1, 2014 marked a significant milestone in the history of the DOD IAC program in the implementation of the DOD’s “Better Buying Power” initiative to transform the IAC program and establish three consolidated basic centers of operation (BCOs) in Cyber Security and Information Systems, Homeland Defense, and Defense Systems, respectively.  This transformation was designed to align the IAC program with the contemporary budget environment while positioning the IACs to effectively meet new and emerging needs.  DSIAC is pleased to join CSIAC and HDIAC as one of the next generation of DoD Information Analysis Centers.

SURVICE Engineering is proud to lead the DSIAC team, which includes Georgia Tech Research Institute, TRI Austin, and West Virginia University Innovation Center.  Our team members provide significant IAC operational and management experience, as well as technical expertise in one or more of the DSIAC technical focus areas.  Our collective goal is to serve as a critical value-added resource to improve productivity and reduce duplication and redundancy in DoD research and engineering efforts.

A key objective of our operational philosophy leverages the best practices of each of our six legacy IACs to effectively and efficiently provide outstanding service to the DoD science and technology development communities in support of the Warfighter needs. Beyond the six legacy IAC technical areas of weapons systems, advanced materials, energetics, RMQSI, military sensing, and survivability & vulnerability, DSIAC is also responsible for supporting the three new technical areas: autonomous systems, directed energy, and non-lethal weapons.  To accomplish this broad mission, DSIAC has established nine distinct “Communities of Practice,” which will serve as a medium for communication and collaboration, and permit DSIAC users to focus on their particular area of interest.

One of the core functions of DSIAC is to acquire, organize, catalog, disseminate, and analyze scientific and technical information in its areas of technical responsibility.  As such, we actively seek reports, papers, data, and other formal documentation, either classified or unclassified, for permanent indexing and cataloging in the Defense Technical Information Center’s digital Research & Engineering Gateway (R&E Gateway).  Please contact us if you are aware of any orphaned or otherwise uncatalogued reports or collections that deserve to be indexed and permanently preserved for future use by the DoD technical community.

We also generate scientific and technical information products to include technical journals, news digests, databases, technology assessments, and analytical reports. Whether you have a routine or mission critical defense systems technical inquiry or require more substantial support in the form of core analysis task (CAT) support, the DSIAC team stands ready to meet your needs. If you're part of the Defense Systems technical community, to include DOD, industry, and academia, or just a technical enthusiast in one or more of our scope areas, we’re interested in hearing from you.  Call us direct at 443-360-4600, visit our website, or email us.

Vincent “Ted” Welsh
DSIAC Director