Adaptable Optical Communications to Facilitate Future Low-Earth Orbit Networks

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Source: DARPA,
Source: DARPA,

September 29, 2021 | Originally published by DARPA on September 13, 2021

As government and commercial small-satellite constellations continue to proliferate in low-earth orbit (LEO), DARPA has unveiled a new effort to create a novel optical communications terminal to interconnect diverse constellations into a resilient “space layer” – an internet of small satellites.

Dubbed Space-Based Adaptive Communications Node (Space-BACN), the program aims to create a low-cost, reconfigurable optical communications terminal that adapts to most optical intersatellite link (OISL) standards. Space-BACN would allow seamless communication between various constellations that currently cannot talk to each other. DARPA will host a Virtual Information Session in support of the Space-BACN program solicitation on Wednesday, September 22, 2021, via

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