Army Delivers First Hypersonics Ground Equipment

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Source: U.S. Army,
Source: U.S. Army,

October 21, 2021 | Originally published by U.S. Army on October 7, 2021

JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. – Today the U.S. Army equipped the I Corps’ 5th Battalion, 3rd Field Artillery Regiment, 17th Field Artillery Brigade with the nation’s first prototype hypersonic ground equipment.

Known as the Long Range Hypersonic Weapon, this land-based, ground-launched system will provide a critical weapon and powerful deterrent to adversaries.

Extremely accurate, exceptionally fast, maneuverable and survivable, hypersonics introduce a lethal combination that enables the long-range, rapid defeat of time-critical and high-value targets. Part of the Army’s no. 1 modernization priority, long-range precision fires, hypersonics are also one of the highest-priority modernization areas the Department of Defense is pursuing in its push for integrated deterrence.

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