Deputy Secretary: How Industry Can Continue Supporting DoD’s National Security Priorities

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Source: U.S. DoD,
Source: U.S. DoD,

September 8, 2021 | Originally published by U.S. Department of Defense on September 1, 2021

Speaking virtually in the keynote address at the 30th annual Pennsylvania Showcase on Commerce, the Deputy Secretary addressed members of the Johnstown Area Regional Industries Procurement Technical Assistance Centers and the Cambria Chamber of Commerce.

“Every day, people like you and others across this country are designing, building, and producing the critical materials and technologies that ensure our armed forces have every advantage they need,” she said.

The Defense Department’s industrial policy doesn’t involve five-year plans or a command economy approach but instead believes market signals and clear investment priorities can unlock the power of American entrepreneurship, technological breakthroughs, and individual achievement.

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