DOD Sees Tiny RFID Chip as a Way to Verify Electronics

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June 2, 2016 | Originally published by on

DARPA”s Supply Chain Hardware Integrity for Electronics Defense (SHIELD) program is developing an RFID dielet with a sensor to prove the authenticity and integrity of an integrated circuit or other electronic component. The four-year project will develop a tiny – 100 microns by 100 microns (0.004 inch by 0.004 inch) – radio frequency identification chip that could prevent the counterfeiting of electronic parts. The chip, including an onboard antenna and temperature sensor, would be embedded in integrated circuits or circuit boards. The overall goal is to thwart counterfeiters from selling inauthentic or recycled components to the U.S. government or to commercial companies.Each dielet would have an encrypted ID number and a built-in sensor to confirm authenticity, and, based on temperature data, whether it has been exposed to certain (re)manufacturing processes. The dielets will be designed so that they will become inoperable if removed from their components.

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