IronVision Helmet Provides Sight Through Armored Tanks

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June 8, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: June 8 on

HAIFA, Israel — Elbit Systems, the Israeli firm whose Helmet Mounted System (HMS) is used on helicopters and fighters worldwide, including the new F-35, is debuting a similar sensor-fused system that allows tank commanders to essentially see through the walls of their armored vehicles.Called IronVision, the vehicle-adapted HMS provides “protective glass walls” for tank or armored fighting vehicle crews who may need to operate in so-called closed-hatch mode when maneuvering in high-threat areas, according to Boaz Cohen, director of Elbit”s land systems division.“Ground warfare has changed dramatically in the past 15-20 years from open areas to closed, complex urban terrain. We believe IronVision will change the way ground maneuvering forces fight in this new environment,” Cohen told Defense News.