Navy Pursues Advanced Drone Ship Mine-Hunting Tech

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May 22, 2017 | Originally published by Date Line: May 22 on

The Navy is continuing to move forward with development of the Unmanned Influence Sweep System (UISS) countermine technologies as part of its overall effort to create a fleet of unmanned vehicles capable of enhanced coordination while performing a wider range of technical operations. 

The Navy most recently affirmed its commitment to the UISS and the unmanned vehicle fleet concept by granting a $14,820,302 contract modification to Textron Systems for the exploration of further options for the mine countermeasure systems necessary for the UISS and the completion of more units in support of these systems.

The UISS is made of a minesweeping unit and the Textron Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle (CUSV) that tows it. As Defense Systems previously reported, the UISS locates and detonates sub-sea mines through emitting sounds and magnetic signatures that replicate those of a ship in order to set off mines programmed to detect passing ships.