NSWC Dahlgren Engineers Deliver Upgraded Gun Aircraft Unit for the Warfighters’ Most Lethal Gunship

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Source:  DVIDS
Source: DVIDS

January 20, 2022 | Originally published by Commander Naval Sea Systems Command on January 11, 2022

Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) engineers designed, developed, and delivered an upgraded 105mm Gun Aircraft Unit (GAU) specifically made with the AC-130 gunship in mind.

The 105mm GAU allows Warfighters on the ground to complete their missions more effectively and safely while the AC-130 provides close air support, air interdiction, and force protection.

The new weapon replaces the former gun system and positively impacts the Warfighters’ ability to operate and maintain the system in the field.

“This has become a much more reliable system with less maintenance,” said Matthew Buckler, NSWCDD Battle Management System (BMS) Gun Weapons System lead mechanical engineer. “If we can get a system that’s more reliable, that’s more repeatable, that works, and that allows the Warfighter to complete their mission every time – that’s a huge benefit for the Warfighter.”

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