Pentagon Developing Electric Stun Grenade to Safely Disable Everyone in a Room

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Photo by Airman 1st Class Mikayla Heineck (Source:
Photo by Airman 1st Class Mikayla Heineck (Source:

July 21, 2020 | Originally published by U.S. Department of Defense Non-Lethal Weapons Program on July 3, 2020

Pentagon researchers are working on a weapon to temporarily disable everyone in a room with a TASER-like electric stun effect, making it safer for troops to clear buildings and reducing civilian casualties.

The device currently goes by the uninspired name of “Multi-Target HEMI System.” HEMI is short for human electro‐muscular incapacitation, a technical term for TASERs and similar electric nonlethal weapons. It is being developed by the Pentagon’s Joint Intermediate Force Capabilities Office (JIFCO), formerly the Joint Nonlethal Weapons Directorate.

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