Pentagon Outlines AI strategy

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February 27, 2019 | Originally published by Date Line: February 27 on

The Defense Department released its artificial intelligence strategy Feb. 12, outlining its plans to boost AI capabilities through rapid prototyping, increased research and development and targeted training and recruitment. It also calls for creating a “common foundation of shared data, reusable tools, frameworks and standards, and cloud and edge services” for the warfighter.

“The impact of artificial intelligence will extend across the entire department, spanning from operations and training to recruiting and healthcare,” DOD CIO Dana Deasy said.

As outlined in the 17-page summary, DOD aims to apply AI to key mission areas, including:

Improving situational awareness and decision-making with tools such as imagery analysis that can help commanders meet mission objectives while minimizing risks to deployed forces and civilians.
Increasing the safety of operating aircraft, ships, and vehicles in complex, rapidly changing situations by alerting operators to hidden dangers.
Implementing predictive maintenance capabilities that calculate the failure of critical parts, automate diagnostics and plan maintenance based on data and equipment condition.
Streamlining business processes by reducing the time spent on common, highly manual tasks and reallocating DOD resources to higher-value activities.

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