PEO Maritime Technical Diving Event

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July 20, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: July 20 on

PEO Maritime Technical Diving Event:  Operations performed by Special Operations Forces Combat Divers can be long in duration while exposing them to extreme variations in water temperatures, and in some cases at deep depths. The SOF CD program is seeking ways to improve current profiles that have limited bottom time and limited exposure time.

USSOCOM is seeking technical divers, and technical diving experts, trainers, instructing trainers, trainer council members, and innovative dive planners who have participated in or have senior level experience in the following areas:

Team-oriented technical dives
Project or expedition oriented exploration technical diving
Instructors/Trainers/Training Council members who maintain active certifications from one of the major diving training agencies
Dives of at least 200ft
Experience in performing Documentation Dives
Dives of at least ten hours
Research in direct support of technical dives/dive teams

Registration ends July 28th.  Event is August 23-24 in Tampa Florida.