Soldier Lethality Team Reimagines Movement, Vision, and Combat Capabilities

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Source: U.S. Army,
Source: U.S. Army,

April 12, 2022 | Originally published by U.S. Army on March 15, 2022

AUSTIN, Texas — The Army’s vision for a future force includes the ability to expertly wield modern weaponry, systems, and technologies at command, squad, and individual Soldier levels.

To tackle the challenge of how to best prepare American Soldiers for the fast-paced, multidomain battlefields of the future, the U.S. Army Futures Command is developing equipment designed to improve Soldier movement, vision, and combat capabilities.

Coordinating modernization priorities in this area is the Soldier Lethality Cross-Functional Team (CFT), based at Fort Benning, Georgia. Brig. Gen. Larry Q. Buris serves as the CFT’s Director and as Fort Benning’s Infantry School Commandant, ensuring the needs of the Close Combat Force — a group that includes select infantry, scouts, combat medics, forward observers, combat engineers, and Special Operations Forces — are at the forefront of Soldier Lethality CFT efforts.

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