UK Sees Progress in Autonomous Military Plans

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November 6, 2017 | Originally published by Date Line: November 6 on

Tech companies are seizing opportunities under MoD’s new drive for intelligent logistics solutions.

The rise of advanced autonomous technologies is providing new opportunities for tech companies to engage with the defence sector.

Recognising the potential of intelligent systems to the warfighter, the Ministry of Defence is seeing promising results from its Defence and Security Accelerator Autonomous Last Mile Resupply programme, which aims to provide military logistics specialists with a better understanding of future supply and demand at the frontline.

Most recently, UK-based SEA – already a major supplier of technology research and engineering for the military – has been selected to develop an all-new system under the ‘Last Mile’ programme.

Together with TTP, one of Europe”s leading technology and product development companies, SEA is looking to field a disruptive solution based on the provision of near real-time information for combat supplies.

The process exploits platforms that use an integrated, open architecture – allowing ‘plug-and-play’ familiarity between units – and applies a neural net based ‘Demand Forecast’ expert system to predict supply and demand needs.