Weapons Upgrade Set to Make US Special Operations Even More Deadly

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October 22, 2018 | Originally published by Date Line: October 22 on

U.S. Special Operations are a remarkable, formidable fighting force who are admired and feared throughout the world. Now, the military’s elite warriors are set to become even more deadly with a new addition to their arsenal. About $48 million-worth of new, cutting-edge suppressors will be in the hands of America’s top military personnel, enhancing their capabilities on the battlefield. For several years, Special Operations Command has been hunting for the best suppressed upper receivers for their M4A1 carbines. They’ve chosen the Sig Sauer MCX SURG System to upgrade these weapons. The new Sig suppressor will deliver accuracy, speed and reliability. And of course, it will deliver outstanding sound reduction. The new suppressors are made of ultra-advanced materials.Sig Sauer has a distinctive looking, revolutionary approach to suppressors. They look nothing like the suppressors you see in movies and TV shows – these rifle suppressors are tubeless. They’ve eliminated the outer tube typically seen with suppressors.