Military Sensing

All sensing applications that apply to the defense of the United States of America.

Recent Inquiries

Active Illumination to Image Blast Events

What work has been done on using active illumination to image through blast events?

Aerial-Based Datasets of Maritime Vessels

What information exists on aerial-based datasets of maritime vessels for training deep-learning artificial intelligence models to perform various tasks?

Using Laser Illumination With High-Speed Imaging

What literature exists on using laser illumination with high-speed imaging?


woman standing in front of radar screen

Radar Is Advancing at Historic Speed. How Engineers Are Setting the Pace.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — In a whirling geopolitical landscape of new nuclear weapons, hypersonic weapons, drones, and satellites, the US is hustling to test new kinds of radars aimed at detecting evolving threats. Many of these…

The Compact Space Plasma Analyzer will improve space weather prediction.

New Technology Improves Space Weather Monitoring

Peaceful though it may seem from Earth, space is beset by “weather” that can prove perilous for the sensitive — and expensive — technology aboard the spacecraft and satellites increasingly populating the realms outside our…

Miller Projection Main Field Declination (D) map from the US/UK World Magnetic Model 2020. (Map developed by NOAA/NCEI and CIRES)

World Magnetic Model Makes Modern Precision Navigation Possible

The World Magnetic Model is a critical piece of digital infrastructure that is key to global navigation and corrects a standard compass reading. The WMM provides declination values for all points on Earth, which NGA…


ARL's Transonic Experimental Facility

ARL Hypervelocity Ballistic Range Experiments

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory’s (ARL’s) Transonic Experimental Facility (TEF) is an all-purpose research firing range that has been used to investigate propulsion, materials, flight, guidance, and terminal effects across a spectrum of launch (mechanical)…

Development and Utilization of TIPS Within the FRACTALS at the DEVCOM Analysis Center

The Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) Analysis Center (DAC) has developed the Tactical ISR [intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance] Performance Suite (TIPS), a reusable code library that encapsulates the DAC sensor performance models and behavior methodologies….

X-ray Computed Tomography as a Reverse Engineering Tool

A tool to see the invisible?  It sounds too good to be true.  Just as medical X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanning is used to visualize critical features inside a body to diagnose an elusive illness,…


F-15E Aircraft deploying flares in the air

Aircraft Survivability Symposium 2024

The 2024 Aircraft Survivability Symposium is a SECRET//NOFORN event; attendees must hold at least a Secret clearance and be U.S. citizens. Please review the security clearance and gate access information page when available and submit…

Unmanned Vehicle, U.S. Army, Tracked Vehicle

Michigan Defense Expo

Michigan Defense Expo (MDEX) brings together representatives from TACOM (U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command), Program Executive Office for Combat Support and Combat Service Support, Program Executive Office for Ground Combat Systems, Army Contracting Command-Detroit…

Image of ground vehicles in front of a background of binary code.

Cyber Electromagnetic Activity (CEMA) 2024 Conference

The 10th Annual CEMA Conference comes at a critical inflection point for electronic warfare (EW). After a 30+ year hiatus, the Army is on the cusp of fielding a variety of terrestrial and airborne EW…