Military Sensing

All sensing applications that apply to the defense of the United States of America.

Recent Inquiries

Research Efforts in Wide-Area Ocean Surveillance

Who are the key contributors to Department of Defense (DoD) research efforts in the area of wide-area ocean surveillance, and what are their contributions?

Research Efforts in Infrasound

Who are the key contributors to Department of Defense (DoD) research efforts in the area of infrasound and what are their contributions?

Techniques to Camouflage and Deceive AI/ML or Autonomous Systems on the Battlefield

What techniques of camouflage and deception are effective against AI/ML or autonomous systems on the battlefield?


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Open Standards and Interoperability in the Army

As the Army Common Operating Environment (COE) matures and begins to deliver capability products from each of the computing environments (CEs), we start to see the challenges of integrating these products as foundational building blocks…

Russian Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E)

Russian government, industry, and military are investing considerable resources into developing AI capabilities. This effort encompasses a growing number of institutions and enterprises seeking to field working AI solutions. The Russian military is expanding its…

Using 222-nm UV Light for Continuous Disinfection of Occupied Buildings and Vehicles

For over 100 years, scientists have known ultraviolet (UV) light is very effective at killing pathogens.  While 254-nm UV is widely used to clean our water and operating rooms, its broader use has only been…


Sensor Transformational Technology

SOFWERX and USSOCOM are searching for transformational sensor technologies that are carried or body-worn devices resembling everyday items found in any city around the world. These devices should be capable of collecting and storing any…

Missile Defense Agency (MDA): SBIR/STTR Innovation Summit Embracing Innovation, Science, and Technology to Outpace the Threat

The SBIR/STTR Innovation Summit is a 2-day event designed to interact with large and small businesses, universities, and research institutions to discuss MDA’s science and technology areas of interest and how they relate to MDA’s…

The NSMMS & CRASTE Joint Symposia

The National Space & Missile Materials Symposium (NSMMS) and Commercial and Government Responsive Access to Space Technology Exchange (CRASTE) will involve key discussions on technology issues related to space, missile, hypersonic systems, and a variety…