2017 Aircraft Survivability Short Course

Aircraft Survivability Short Course
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Event Date: 
April 4, 2017 to April 6, 2017

This 3-day short course in aircraft combat survivability is designed to provide an overview of the aircraft combat survivability discipline.  The course is intended for Department of Defense (DoD), active duty military and government contractors who work in aircraft survivability fields such as survivability modeling and simulation, ballistic and vulnerability testing, susceptibility reduction and vulnerability reduction, and systems engineering.  The course will also benefit personnel working program management and acquisition of DoD aircraft. 

The course is based upon the book “The Fundamentals of Aircraft Combat Survivability Analysis and Design, 2nd Edition” by Robert E. Ball, published by AIAA. In addition to the presentation material, a copy of the textbook is provided to students as part of the course. This course highlights the important concepts necessary to understand the breadth of the survivability discipline.

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit will be awarded for successful completion.

Administrative questions may be directed to Darnell Marbury, darnell.marbury@navy.mil, 703-604-0387.

The Lecturer-in-Charge is Prof. Christopher Adams of the Naval Postgraduate School, caadams@nps.edu, 831-656-3400.

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Remaining spots reserved for those on the existing wait list.

For those on the wait list, to ensure your spot for this course payments are due by COB Thursday March 23, 2017. To complete payments please call Brian or Christi at 443-360-4600. 

  • A refreshment and lunch fee has been included in the final cost of registration.
  • Government employees will receive a discounted rate and will be verified after payment is received. If we cannot verify your employment with the government, you will be contacted by DSIAC in order to pay the additional amount.
  • Cancelations less than 10 days prior to the course will not be refunded.

Please contact Brian Benesch of DSIAC at 443-360-4600 or brian.benesch@dsiac.org if there are any questions related to registration.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017
  Instructor Time
  Course Check-in   0700–0730
1 Welcome to the Short Course & Admin & Security Prof. Christopher Adams (NPS) 0730–0755
2 Keynote Col Larkin (Commander of NASIC) 0755–0825
3 Introduction to Aircraft Combat Survivability Prof. Christopher Adams 0825–0930
  Break   0930–0945
4 One-on-One Engagement, Mission and Campaign Analyses Prof. Christopher Adams 0945–1030
5 Survivability Enhancements Prof. Christopher Adams 1030–1130
  Lunch   1130–1215
6 Integrated Survivability Assessment (w/ discussion of Analysis and use of Probabilities) Dr. Mark Couch 1215–1300
7 Combat Data (Lecture is Classified SECRET, NOFORN) Dr. Mark Couch 1300–1330
  Break   1330–1345
8 AFRL Laser Survivability Overview Mr. Jared Petry (LHMEL) 1345–1415
9 Aircraft Survivability - Historical Perspective Mr. David Legg (CS F/W Branch Head) 1415–1500
10 Problem Session and Q&A Prof. Christopher Adams 1500–1510
  Break   1510–1520
11 DIME Lab tours Sensors Directorate (Groups 1&2)
Test Range tour (Group 3)
Capt Andrew Lingenfelter & Maj David Liu
Mr. Jared Petry
Wednesday, 5 April 2017
  Instructor Time
  Daily Check-in   0700–0730
12 Review Day One, Problem Session and Q&A Prof. Christopher Adams 0730–0740
13 JCAT / ASDAT Brief & Video (Lecture is Classified SECRET) Mr. Greg Fuchs (JCAT / ASDAT) 0740–0830
14 Current Threats Intel Brief, SAF Threats & Analysis (Lecture is Classified SECRET, NOFORN) Mr. Jeff Whitmire (JCAT / ASDAT) 0830–0910
  Break   0910–0925
15 Overview of Susceptibility, Aircraft Signatures (Lecture is Classified SECRET, NOFORN) Lt Col Rich Huffman (Fmr Commander, National RCS Test Facility) 0925–1025
16 Radar, Electronic Warfare, Threat Ops (Lecture is Classified SECRET, NOFORN) Lt Col Rich Huffman (Fmr Commander, National RCS Test Facility) 1025–1130
  Lunch   1130–1215
17 Live Fire Test and Evaluation/Joint Live Fire (Lecture is Classified SECRET, NOFORN) Dr. Sandra Ugrina (Deputy Director for LFT&E) 1215–1315
18 HPRF / DE Weapon Survivability Mr. John Tatum (DSIAC) 1315–1345
  Break   1345–1400
19 IR Signatures & Countermeasures, SR Technologies (Lecture is Classified SECRET, NOFORN) Maj David Liu (AFIT Professor) 1400–1615
20 Susceptibility Discussion and Q&A Adams, Couch, Huffman, Liu 1615–1630
Thursday, 6 April 2017
  Instructor Time
  Daily Check-in   0700–0730
21 Review Day Two (Problem Session) Prof. Christopher Adams 0730–0740
22 Threat Effects and Damage Processes Capt Andrew Lingenfelter (AFIT Professor) 0740–0815
23 Vulnerability Reduction Technology Capt Andrew Lingenfelter 0815–0900
  Break   0900–0915
24 Critical Components and Vulnerability Assessment Prof. Christopher Adams 0915–1000
25 Force Protection and Recoverability Dr. Mark Couch 1000–1045
  Break   1045–1100
26 Personnel Survivability and Human Systems Integration TBD (AF 711th Human Performance) 1100–1130
  Lunch   1130–1215
27 JASPO Overview Mr. Dennis Lindell (Director JASP) 1215–1245
28 Large Transport Specific Aspects of Survivability, C17 Ops (Lecture is Classified SECRET, NOFORN) Mr. David Legg (CS F/W Branch Head, P-8A) Maj Ken Burgi (AFIT Professor) 1245–1330
  Break   1330–1345
  Helicopter Specific Aspects of Survivability (Lecture is Classified SECRET, NOFORN) LT Chris Waddell (Rotary Wing Weapons School) TBD 1330–1415
29 Fighter Operations and Survivability (Lecture is Classified SECRET, NOFORN) Lt Col Robison (F-35 Instructor, Eglin AFB) 1415–1500
  Break   1500–1510
30 A/C Survivability Design & Optimization and Q&A Forum Prof. Christopher Adams, Dr. Mark Couch, Lt Col Rich Huffman, Maj David Liu, Capt Andrew Lingenfelter 1510–1530
31 Course Wrap Up (Surveys & Certificates) Prof. Christopher Adams 1530–1545
  FINEX   1545

National Museum of the United States Air Force open until 5pm each day (1100 Spaatz St)

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