2019 Sensors & Seekers Test Technology Working Group (SSTT WG) Annual Workshop

Registration is open to U.S. Citizens ONLY


Event Date: 
November 5, 2019 to November 6, 2019

The Sensors & Seekers Test Technology Working Group (SSTT WG) 2019 Annual Workshop, hosted by the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Center, will take place 5–6 November 2019 in Huntsville, AL.


The SSTT WG is always interested in the latest developments in resistive array and light-emitting diode, ultraviolet, and infrared scene projector technologies. However, since we have a pretty good understanding of these technologies, the focus this year is on alternative technologies (carbon nanotubes, metamaterials, etc.). The Steering Committee will accept and review abstracts on any topic in areas the community thinks is interesting and worth presenting to the WG.


Please submit a one-half-page abstract that explains the technical merit, significant contribution, recent advancement(s), and/or lessons learned from your project/efforts no later than COB 9 September 2019 via email to allen.hansen.1.ctr@us.af.mil. Selected presenters will receive email notification no later than 20 September 2019. Final presentations are due no later than 18 October 2019. The SSTT WG Steering Committee will not publish abstracts and papers from this workshop.


Please submit any questions or concerns for this workshop to:

     Allen D. Hansen
     Booz Allen Hamilton
     ​Senior Lead Engineer

Thank you for your interest and continued support of the SSTT WG and our efforts.

Registration Information: 

To register for this workshop, please contact Mr. Allen Hansen at 850-883-5450, allen.hansen.1.ctr@us.af.mil. He will need to know who will attend and if you are requesting a closed session with the U.S. Government.

If you are planning on attending and you have not sent in an RSVP, please consider doing so to allow us sufficient time to notify the AEgis Technologies facility of numbers attending.

If you are a non-U.S. Government employee from academia, industry, etc., and plan to attend, you will need to submit a DD2354 by 25 October 2019 to allow sufficient time for review.

Abstracts Due6 September 2019
Presenter Selection Email Notification20 September 2019
Closed Session Schedule Available23 September 2019 (week of)
Final Presentations Due18 October 2019
DD2354 Forms Due25 October 2019 (no later than)
Day 1 (Morning: Open Government Briefing; Afternoon: Closed Session Briefings)5 November 2019Start: 8:00 am; End: 5:00 pm
Day 26 November 2019Start: 8:00 am; End: 5:00 pm

The SSTT WG Steering Committee decided to hold only closed-session briefings from contractors, so unlike previous years, we will not be holding open-session briefings.

The Tuesday morning Government briefings will be open to all, with the remainder of the time dedicated to closed-session briefings. This will preclude company proprietary information getting out to non-Government personnel.

To the maximum extent possible, we will to schedule the "locals" on Wednesday. The "non-locals" may attend the Government briefs on Tuesday morning and give their presentations that afternoon. This is our attempt to help the out-of-towners with travel arrangements.

In past years, we have allowed multiple briefings from the same project. Due to reducing the workshop to two days, we are only allowing one presentation per project - please plan your time accordingly.

The closed session schedule will be available during the week of 23 September 2019.

AEgis Technologies
410 Jan Davis Drive NW
Huntsville, AL 35806
United States
Phone: (931) 454-7779
Huntsville International Airport to AEgis Technologies Facility

The AEgis Technologies facility is located northeast and a little over 10 miles from the Huntsville International Airport.

Map showing route from Huntsville International Airport to AEgis Technologies facility.


Map showing blow-up near AEgis Technologies facility of exchange from Interstate 565 / Federal Hwy 72 to State Hwy 255 and Madison Pike.


View of AEgis Technologies facility building.


Security Deadline: 
October 25, 2019

The entire workshop will be unclassified (all briefings will be unclassified), so there is no need to send your security clearance / visit request via JPAS.

All non-U.S. Government representatives attending will need to submit a DD2345 no later than 25 October 2019.

Non-Common Access Card (CAC) holders do not need to get a base access pass, as the event is located at the AEgis Technologies facility, outside of the Redstone Arsenal controlled access area. 


     Allen D. Hansen
     Booz Allen Hamilton
     ​Senior Lead Engineer

Additional Info

The SSTT WG did not reserve a block of rooms at any hotel. Hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the attending individual.