35th International Test and Evaluation Symposium

Event Date: 
December 11, 2018 to December 14, 2018
Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Hotel & Resort, Oxnard, CA

Symposium Overview

Warfighter and Weapons Systems are evolving at a rapid pace in response to the requirements for existing and potential future needs. These systems, in general, are evolving to be faster, longer range, more sophisticated, more lethal, costlier, and, in some cases, boasting completely new technologies and techniques. The T&E environments must evolve to enable the test and training of these new systems, and they must be ready when the systems enter test. How will your organizations meet this challenge? Are your technologies and capabilities evolving at a pace that ensures your part of the Global T&E Environment will be relevant and useful for future warfighter and weapons systems support?

We encourage you to help us explore these ideas and others related to “Global T&E Environment in 2025 and Beyond” as part of our 35th Annual International Symposium.

Why Present at the ITEA Symposium?

If you’ve conducted ground-breaking research, used “best-in-class” techniques, deployed successful processes, or developed unique procedures in the field of test and evaluation, work that your peers would be interested in learning, presenting at ITEA Workshops is an important part of your professional development, by providing you with an amazing opportunity to learn from your peers, share your experiences, and contribute to advancing the Test and Evaluation profession.

Presenting at ITEA Workshops provides you the chance to:

Represent your field of interest, allowing researchers in other disciplines, policymakers, and the public to become aware of the innovative work being generated in your particular area of expertise;
Practice your presentation skills;
Help you develop the expertise needed to discuss your work in a clear and meaningful way;
Learn how to answer specific questions and present your work to a range of individuals (who may or may not be familiar with your field of research);
Contribute to your overall professional profile by showing others that you regularly disseminate your work to colleagues, as well as that you keep up-todate on cutting-edge and best practices in T&E; and,
Help you establish contacts that will foster friendships with other motivated T&E professionals who can be resources for you at any stage of your career.