Addressing Warpage and Manufacturing Defects in your AM Build - TRX Webinar Series

Event Date: 
November 7, 2018
America Makes
Online webinar

Dr. Nima Moazami will present GENOA 3DP’s design to print simulation solution, with a specific focus on visualizing defects and predicting warpage, bald spots, residual stresses and deformation during the AM process and the effect of defects on part performance and qualification.

Webinar Will Showcase:

  • GENOA 3DP capabilities, including the calculation of bald spots which result in material degradation and its effect in part qualification.
  • Demonstration/Case Study of a 3D printed Unfilled ABS Material Part
  • Material Modeling
  • Process Modeling
  • Part Qualification
  • In-Situ Monitoring

About Dr. Nima Moazami

Dr. Nima Moazami is a scientist at AlphaSTAR Corporation. His focus is on developing additive manufacturing methods, specifically in thermal modeling, in-situ monitoring, and identifying temperature dependencies in the 3D printing process.  He received his integrated Masters (MEng, BEng) Degree with First Class Honors and Ph.D. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. He is the author of 20 published papers and counting and is a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS), Institute of Mechanical Engineer (IMechE), Institute of Chemical Engineer (IChemE), World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies (WSSET) and a member of the editorial board for Biofuels Engineering Journals.