Counter UAS - USA

Event Date: 
March 12, 2019 to March 14, 2019
Washington, D.C.

Small UAS systems have been proliferating at an accelerating speed, and they are having an impact in all parts of our lives. Their uses span from commercial, military, hobbyist, farming, logistics, and much more. With this expansive growth come new and emerging threats. UAS have proven to be useful weapons on the battlefield where they can be used for reconnaissance and to cause harm. But domestic agencies have had a rising cause for concern because terrorist organizations, narco gangs, organized crime, and other domestic groupshave started to use UAS for nefarious causes. In this year’s conference, we will focus on CUAS challenges and solutions for both military and domestic agencies.

Counter UAS 2018 was a resounding success in this new space thanks, in big part, to our reputable speaker faculty, sponsors, and 200+ attendees from the industry, all branches of the military, and domestic security agencies. For Counter-UAS 2019 we have planned on building on that success by putting together a robust program with high-caliber speakers and decision makers. The biggest key to the success of the conference will be our attendees, our partners, and the connections we all make in pursuit of a singular goal, identifying and providing the most innovative and cutting edgy CUAS solutions to the government, military, and warfighters. 

This year’s summit will cover topics including:

  • Military's counter-UAS acquisition goals
  • Countering drone swarms
  • Defending against autonomous UAS
  • DOJ and DHS CUAS strategies and policies
  • Protecting critical infrastructure from UAS
  • DOJ and DHS CUAS acquisition priorities
  • Countering UAS attacks by terrorists
  • Military's counter-UAS requirements
  • Mounted counter-UAS weapon systems
  • Directed-energy weapons