Hypersonics Senior Executive Series

Image courtesy of DARPA

Image courtesy of DARPA

Event Date: 
December 13, 2018

Deputy Secretary of Defense Shanahan and Under Secretary Griffin headline NDIA’s Hypersonics Community of Influence Launch

This Event is Invite Only.

The Department of Defense (DoD) 2018 National Defense Strategy identifies Hypersonics as a technology that will change “the character of war” itself. Such a transformational change in the national security landscape, along with the return to great power competition, necessarily requires a transformation in the government, industry and warfighter approach to ensuring America retains its technological advantage.

NDIA has adopted a “Community of Influence” approach to promoting technology maturation, national security policy, acquisition policy, and industry collaboration. Bringing together military and civilian leaders, industry executives, and government labs and research institutions is the best way to promote this operational requirement. NDIA intends for our Hypersonics Community of Influence to be the leading voice for advancing this national security priority.