JAS FY18 Program Review

2018 JAS Program Review
Registration is open to U.S. Citizens ONLY


Event Date: 
September 18, 2018 to September 20, 2018

The Joint Aircraft Survivability Program Office (JASPO) will host the 2018 JAS Program Review (JPR) at the Threat Training Facility (TTF), Nellis AFB, NV on 18-20 September, 2018.  The purpose of the review is to facilitate aviation survivability dialogue between the S&T, Acquisition, Industry, Academia, and Operational Communities. This will be achieved by presenting a technical overview of the JASP and Joint Live Fire - Aircraft Systems (JLF-Air) FY18 projects and informing the aviation community of our efforts.

Registration Information: 

Registration is now closed.  If you would like to still attend the course but have failed to register at this point, please contact Darnell Marbury at darnell.marbury@navy.mil, 703-604-0387.

Light Refreshment Fee: $10.00/day for all attending  **Attendees must pay in person**
This fee is charged to everyone that attends and is based on the number of days that you register to attend.  Do not register for all 3 days if you do not plan to stay for all 3 days. If for any reason you need to cancel your registration, or you have any questions in general, please call or email ASAP, darnell.marbury@navy.mil, 703-604-0387.


General Outline for Agenda:

Monday = Design of Experiment Tutorial (Afternoon only)
Tuesday = VAR Sessions
Wednesday = JLF / General / SAR Sessions
Thursday = SAR Sessions

For the detailed agenda, please download the PDF below.

Download Schedule(s): 
Building 470
Threat Training Facility
3802 Tyndall Ave
Nellis AFB, NV 89191
United States

Hotel Block:
Vdara Hotel

2600 W Harmon Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89158

This is a 5 star, all suite, non-gaming, smoke free hotel located at City Center next to Aria.

To make reservations online, please cut and paste the lowing link to your web browser: https://aws.passkey.com/gt/216242803?gtid=52dbcc2f50c0435d4e5c8155116ab18f

Reservation by phone: 702-590-2767 or 866-745-7767 (Room block under "JASPO")

Reservation cutoff date: Thursday, August 16, 2018.

Per Diem Rate of $109.00/night

Base Lodging:
Nellis Inn

5941 Fitzgerald Blvd
Nellis AFB, NV  89191
Phone: 702-652-2711

Lodging Rate: $60.00/night, no tax.


Maps & Directions:

Click here for a list of directions to key areas.

Threat Training Facility - Nellis AFB, NV

3802 Tyndall Ave, Nellis AFB, NV 89191


The JAS Program Review will include sessions up to the SECRET/NOFORN classification level.  Please submit a visit request via JPAS to:

Attention: Dale Kapis
Purpose: To attend JASP FY18 Program Review
Dates: 18-20 Sep, 2018
Meeting POC: Darnell Marbury, 703-604-0387 (Call for all other questions related to the JPR)
Security POC: Dale Kapis, 937-255-6546 (Call to verify clearance has been received)

Base Access: Everyone with a CAC Card will be granted access to the base.  If you do not have a CAC, please make sure to indicate on the registration page.  In addition to the info that is required on your visit request, we will need to get your Driver’s License Number and the State Issued.  This info is needed for all non CAC holders in order for NELLIS Security to perform a NCIC Background Check prior to allowing you access to the base.  Once you are cleared, your names will be placed on an Entry Access List (EAL) for the guards at the gate and you will be allowed to proceed to the meeting.  If you do not have this information to me by cob Monday, Sept 10th, you will need to wait at the visitor center until all of your info has been processed.  You may need to be escorted by someone with a CAC Card since it’s a last minute entry.  This may be a lengthy process. If you have any questions prior to the meeting, contact Darnell Marbury immediately @ 703-604-0387 or email: darnell.marbury@navy.mil.  If you need to contact at the base, my cell phone is 301-752-5539.

Contractor Need to Know: All contractors will need to download and fill out the Contractor Need to Know Form provided on this registration site.  The form must be completely filled out.  This will require your Security Manager to fill out the top 2 sections and your government COR or Sponsor to fill out the bottom portion.  If any of these sections are left blank, the form will not be accepted.  Click here to download the form.

Laptops, cell phones and other electronics will be stored in room 103 during the meeting.  You will be authorized to use them in the TTF with the exception of the Zager Auditorium or the A/V room.

Additional Info
Additional Information:

Dress Code: Business Casual

Points of Contact: 

Darnell Marbury, darnell.marbury@navy.mil, 703-604-0387.