2016 - Building More Survivable Systems and More Effective Weapons: A Short Course in Live Fire Test and Evaluation

Building More Survivable Systems and More Effective Weapons Image
Event Date: 
September 20, 2016 to September 22, 2016
SURVICE Engineering Company

Course Description

Taught by a seasoned professional with up-to-date knowledge, this three-day intensive course consists of a multi-faceted look at the legislation, directives, requirements, preparation, and execution of Live Fire Testing, a statutory requirement for most major defense acquisition programs since 1987. Discussions cover the history of LFT&E legislation, the Joint Live Fire Program, LFT&E candidacy, and preparation of Live Fire Test Plans and Detailed Test Plans in the context of the Test and Evaluation Master Plans. Also covered is the role of modeling and simulation in LFT&E, including pretest predictions and test assessment. Congressional and DoD reporting requirements and the role of the LFT&E waiver from full-up system-level testing (including its purpose, implementation, and historical precedents) are discussed, as is the role of Battle Damage and Repair in LFT&E, test article realism, and LFT&E test facilities. Air, Land, and Sea system vulnerability and lethality will be addressed and an 800 page book of Live Fire Lessons Learned will be provided as part of the course.

Heavy emphasis is placed on LFT&E lessons learned and common misunderstandings regarding LFT&E program execution. The course includes lectures, photos, video clips of LFT&E events, group discussions, and individual and group exercises. Also included is an actual case study for class groups to practically apply what has been presented. There will also be ample time for addressing student questions, and each student will receive a notebook of presentation material, excerpts from selected publications, and a certificate of completion.

Who should attend?

The course is designed to provide information regarding LFT&E requirements and conduct to military and civilian personnel involved in defense acquisition and program managers and contractors involved in weapon system design. The course will also benefit those conducting and overseeing T&E and funding of acquisition programs, as well as those assessing the vulnerability, lethality, and survivability of defense programs; executives, managers, and analysts responsible for T&E by government agencies; engineering centers, R&D labs; industry; academia; and test facility managers.