The Joint Infantry Company Prototype (JIC-P)

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Event Date: 
January 20, 2016

The Joint Infantry Company Prototype (JIC-P) is a joint effort between the Army and the Marine Corps, led by the Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Office. JIC-P provides an energy production, scavenging, management and distribution capability as well as individual water purification capability for dismounted warfighters in austere environments - reducing logistics resupply and increasing self-sustainability. It consists of a kinetic energy harvesting backpack & knee braces, pocket sized solar panel, a central battery networked to radios and electronics via a central power manger.

The JIC-P event will be held in conjunction with the kickoff of the Great Green Fleet. It will be an interactive demonstration coupled with questions and answer sessions throughout the day as well as two 20 minute program reviews at 10:00 and 14:00.

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CVN Pier
Naval Air Station North Island (NASNI)
1848 Strand Way
Coronado, CA 92118
United States
Phone: 571-256-8784
Naval Base Cornado, San Diego, California

1848 Strand Way Coronado CA 92118

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Captain Anthony Ripley (Rip)
Science & Technology Lead
Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps
Expeditionary Energy Office
3000 Marine Corps, Pentagon,
Room 2C252A
Washington D.C. 20350-1775

Desk: 571-256-8784
Office: 703-614-4230