About the DSIAC Journal

Editor-in-Chief:  Brian Benesch
Contributing Editor:  Maria Brady
Art Director:  Melissa Gestido
ISSN: 2471-3392 (Print), 2471-3406 (Online)

DSIAC Journal SpreadThe DSIAC Journal is a quarterly publication of the Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC).  DSIAC is a Department of Defense (DoD) Information Analysis Center (IAC) with policy oversight provided by the Office of Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, OUSD(R&E).  DSIAC is operated by a team led by the SURVICE Engineering Company and includes Georgia Tech Research Institute, Texas Research Institute Austin, and The Johns Hopkins University.

Copyright © 2018 by the SURVICE Engineering Company.  This journal was developed by the SURVICE Engineering Company, under DSIAC contract FA8075-14-D-0001.  The Government has unlimited free use of and access to this publication and its contents, in both print and electronic versions.  Subject to the rights of the Government, this document (print and electronic versions) and the contents contained within it are protected by U.S.  copyright law and may not be copied, automated, resold, or redistributed to multiple users without the written permission of DSIAC.  If automation of the technical content for other than personal use, or for multiple simultaneous user access to the journal, is desired, please contact DSIAC at 410-360-4600 for written approval.

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