Army Researchers Use Simulations to Make Better Bullets

Army Researchers Use Simulations to Make Better Bullets image
June 3, 2015 | Source: Defense Systems

Defense Department researchers keep finding more uses for computer modeling and simulation, as computing power increases while its costs come down.

In one of the most recent examples, mechanical engineers and technologists have increased the effectiveness of rifle ammunition through computer-based analysis and simulations.  Computer models leveraged statistical, physical and probabilistic data through physics-based models to simulate ballistics on soft targets to make the new 5.56 mm M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round – commonly found in infantry weapons such as the M-16, the M-4 Carbine or civilian variant AR-15 – a more consistent and lethal round.   

"We are able to get a more detailed small-caliber lethality analysis with more advanced computer technology, by quantifying the numerous constituents of a ballistic event ending in the incapacitation of an individual," Mark Minisi, technology team leader at the Small Caliber Munitions Division of the Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center, or ARDEC, said in an Army release.