Better Together: Silicon Qubits Plus Light Add up to New Quantum Computing Capability

A coherent spin–photon interface in silicon

quantum computing chip In a step forward for quantum computing in silicon — the same material used in today’s computers — researchers successfully coupled a single electron’s spin, represented by the dot on the left, to light, represented as a wave crossing over the double-welled silicon chamber, known as a quantum dot, where the electron is trapped. The goal is to use light as a messenger to convey the quantum information to other locations on a futuristic quantum computing chip.

November 2, 2018 | Source: Princeton University,, Catherine Zandonella, 14 Feb 2018

A silicon-based quantum computing device could be closer than ever due to a new experimental device that demonstrates the potential to use light as a messenger to connect quantum bits of information — known as qubits — that are not immediately adjacent to each other. The feat is a step toward making quantum computing devices from silicon, the same material used in today’s smartphones and computers.