DARPA Pursues Hybrid-Electric Stealth Cycle

DARPA Pursues Hybrid-Electric Stealth Cycle image
March 17, 2015 | Source: Defense News

Picture a small team of US special operators racing quietly through the night on stealth motorcycles, cruising over rugged terrain to catch enemy fighters completely unawares.

That is the scenario Virginia-based Logos Technologies envisions as it develops its hybrid-electric motorcycle SilentHawk on behalf of a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) project started in 2014. Logos, teamed with Alta Motors, is developing a prototype for their phase II Small Business Innovation Research award from DARPA.

Once the prototyping phase is complete, the next phase could see the military replace motorcycles in service, such as the Kawasaki M1030 M1. DARPA anticipates Marines, soldiers and special operations forces will buy it, and there could also be a substantial commercial market.