Navy Planning to Develop Multi-Domain Offensive Strike Missiles

Lockheed Martin LRASM Missile during a 2018 test. NAVAIR Photo

Lockheed Martin LRASM Missile during a 2018 test. NAVAIR Photo

April 23, 2019 | Source: ExecutiveGov, Brenda Marie Rivers, 16 April 2019

The U.S. Navy issued a written testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee stating plans to integrate multi-domain capabilities into its next-generation offensive missiles, USNI News reported Monday.

The Navy’s Offensive Missile Strategy succeeds the Cruise Missile Strategy and includes non-nuclear offensive strike missiles with a capacity of over 50 nautical miles. The service plans to implement a three-pronged approach to the program which involves the sustainment of weapon systems, procurement of updated capabilities, and development of modernized strike missile technologies.

“The OMS construct supports a wider, more systematic approach towards delivering a capabilities balance to increase overall force effectiveness to address emerging threats,” according to the testimony.

Technologies covered by the OMS framework will include Offensive Anti-Surface Warfare and Next Generation Land Attack Weapon capabilities. The fiscal 2020 budget proposal requests $143.2 million for the Navy's weapons procurement efforts and $386.7 million for the purchase of missiles and related systems.