Picatinny Engineers Use Advanced Sensor Technologies

Picatinny Engineers Use Advanced Sensor Technologies image
January 23, 2015 | Source: Army Technology

By integrating many small sensors into light mortar systems, Picatinny engineers are developing a technology for use on all U.S. military mortar systems to give Soldiers faster, more accurate mortar fire.

The Weaponized Universal Lightweight Fire-Control, known as WULF, couples many small sensors together to create a robust, lightweight pointing device that will increase mortar fire.

How much faster?

An average gun crew is expected to have the 81mm system aimed on target from a dismantled state in four minutes 30 seconds. With WULF, the setup time for the 81mm mortar systems is cut to one minute. The time between shots is reduced from 20 seconds to one or two seconds, increasing the repeatability of shots.