Scientists Designed an Instrument to Identify Unexploded Artillery Shells

Design of a novel instrument for active neutron interrogation of artillery shells.

Cross-section drawings of the optimized geometries of the proposed instruments for a case with neutron-sensitive detectors (“shell-point” design).

January 15, 2018 | Source: University of Helsinki,, 12 Nov 2017, Minna Meriläinen-Tenhu

Society faces threats through the malicious use of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and/or explosive (CBRNE) materials. The detection of illicit trafficking or other criminal acts, as well as many security and safety applications, call for novel material analysis techniques and instruments.  These detection systems should be non-destructive but still be able to detect and identify the threat objects, even from inside a shielding or masking enclosure. Active interrogation methods that use penetrative particle beams can reveal the presence of CBRNE materials.