Three's Company: New Alloy Sets Magnetism Benchmark

Large moments in bcc FexCoyMnz ternary alloy thin films

The average total atomic moment (independent of atom type) for 10 nm FexCoyMnz films on MgO(001) as a function of composition. The green crosses represent the measured data points.

October 31, 2018 | Source: ScienceDaily,, R. J. Snow et al, 13 Feb 2018

Preliminary atomic moment results for new iron-cobalt-manganese thin film blow past decades-old record by potentially 50 percent.

Spintronics leverages electron spins to enhance solid-state devices by prolonging battery life. Spintronic developments, however, are increasingly running up against the Slater-Pauling limit, the maximum for how tightly a material can pack its magnetization. Now, a new thin film is poised to break through this decades-old benchmark. Researchers now discuss their work constructing a stable thin film made from iron, cobalt and manganese that may push past the Slater-Pauling limit.