U.S. Army Moves to Improve Electronic-Warfare Tactics

U.S. Army Moves to Improve Electronic-Warfare Tactics image
September 26, 2016 | Source: Jen Judson, Defense News

The US Army doesn’t need the Russians to jam its electronic equipment when it can do so itself, according to the Army's Electronic Warfare Division chief.

The service is working to refine its electronic warfare (EW) tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) so there are no surprises on the battlefield when it comes to malfunctioning equipment, Col. Jeffrey Church told Defense News in a recent interview at the Pentagon.

The Army relies on the electromagnetic spectrum for everything from the individual soldier’s communications to precise weapons targeting and situational awareness, but even with this major dependence the service has been slow to develop its EW capability.

With a new Army chief of staff and secretary that want to prioritize countering growing threats in the cyber and electronic realm while protecting the service’s communication networks, Church said the service is now making some positive steps forward in those areas.