Aircraft Combat Survivability Self Study Program (SSSP)

Aircraft Combat Survivability Self Study Program (SSSP)

DSIAC is pleased to announce the availability of the Aircraft Combat Survivability Self Study Program, SSSP. The SSSP has been funded by the Joint Aircraft Survivability Program (JASP) and was developed by Distinguished Professor Emeritus Dr. Robert E. Ball, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA. Nearly all of the material in the program has been taken from the Prologue and Chapter 1 of the textbook "The Fundamentals of Aircraft Combat Survivability Analysis and Design, Second Edition," written by Dr. Ball and published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) in late 2003.

The purpose of the program is to provide a quick, easy, and effective way for users to learn about the fundamentals of the aircraft combat survivability discipline. The program currently consists of the module, "Introduction to the Aircraft Survivability Discipline" but additional modules may be added in the future. The sections available under this module are "Overview of the Fundamentals", "Historical Perspective of Survivability", "U.S. Military Survivability Policy, Instructions, Programs and Organizations", "Designing for Survivability", "Survivability Modeling and Simulation", "Testing for Survivability", "Conclusions and Points to Remember".

Some of the program features include highlighting text, saving study data, emailing questions to Dr. Ball, adding your own notes, solving survivability problems, and monitoring your progress through a report card. Additional information on the SSSP and how to use it can be found on Prof. Ball's Aircraft Combat Survivability Education Web Site,, or he can be emailed at

Although the textbook is not required when using this program, you may find it helpful to have a copy available. Contractors can obtain a copy of the textbook from AIAA. US Government civilian and military employees can obtain a copy free of charge from DSIAC. Please call 937-255-4467 or click here to place an order for a free copy.

Currently, the SSSP is only available on DVD, upon request. You may request a CD containing all four versions, free of charge, by using submitting a request here

On the CD are four folders; two are for computers using the Windows operating system, and two are for Apple computers using OS X. The folder names are:

SSSP Win QT6 for Windows computers with a version of Quicklime less than 7.0 (26.5MB)

SSSP Win QT7 for Windows computers with a version of Quicklime 7.0 or higher (8.8MB)

SSSP Mac QT6 for Apple computers with a version of Quicklime less than 7.0 (27.6MB)

SSSP Mac QT7 for Apple computers with a version of Quicklime 7.0 or higher (9.9MB)

To launch the SSSP program, open the appropriate folder on the CD and double click on the Surv Self Study file. A video should play, followed by the splash screen. Follow the instructions on your computer screen to learn how to use the program. Please send any comments such as, what you like, don't like, what you would like to see, and any mistakes or bugs you encounter to Dr. Ball at

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