Infrared & Electro-Optical Systems Handbook (8 Vol Set)

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Vol. 1: ADA364020

Vol. 2: ADA364019

Vol. 3: ADA364017

Vol. 4: ADA364024

Vol. 5: ADA364023

Vol. 6: ADA364022

Vol. 7: ADA364021

Vol. 8: ADA364018

Errata: SENSIAC-2031015

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  • Vol 1 (Sources of Radiation) treats sources of radiation, incl both artificial and natural sources, the latter of which in most military applications is generally regarded as background radiation
  • Vol 2 (Atmospheric Propagation of Radiation) treats the propagation of radiation; it features significant amounts of new material and data on absorption, scattering, and turbulence, including nonlinear propagation relevant to high-energy laser systems and propagation through aerodynamically induced flow relevant to systems mounted on high-performance aircraft
  • Vol 3 (Electro-Optical Components) treats traditional system components and devices and includes recent material on focal plane array read-out electronics
  • Vol 4, Electro-Optical Design, Analysis, and Testing, treats system design, analysis, and testing, incl adjunct technology and methods such as trackers, mechanical design considerations, and signature modeling 
  • Vol 5 (Passive Electro-Optical Systems) treats contemporary infrared passive systems such as FLIRs, IRSTs, IR line scanners, and staring array configurations
  • Vol 6 (Active Electro-Optical Systems) treats active systems and includes mostly new material on laser radar, laser rangefinders, millimeter-wave systems, and fiber optic systems
  • Vol 7, Countermeasure Systems, treats a number of countermeasure topics rarely appearing in the open literature
  • Vol 8 (Emerging Systems and Technologies) treats emerging technologies such as unconventional imaging, synthetic arrays, sensor and data fusion, adaptive optics, and automatic target recognition

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