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DSIAC is ready to assist you in any way we can.  One of our key functions is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the greater Defense Systems community by providing access to the vast repositories of DoD information and resources—including our extensive network of subject-matter experts (SMEs) and responding to a wide assortment of requests for technical information, which we call “Technical Inquiries” or “TIs.”

Accordingly, DSIAC provides qualified U.S. individuals and organizations with up to 4 hours of free TI research to answer technical questions, conduct a focused literature search, locate and retrieve a technical report or paper of interest, process product and document requests, or provide information on specialized training in one of the DSIAC scope areas.  For the fastest possible service, please register for a DSIAC account (if you are not already a user) and submit your TI using the form below.  Depending on our overall TI volume and the complexity of your request, DSIAC answers most inquiries within three business days.  Please be advised that DSIAC may need to contact you or your security officer if additional information is needed to validate your credentials to receive DoD limited distribution information and/or export-controlled information in accordance with DoD Instruction 5230.24.  

For circumstances where  the amount of effort by a DSIAC staff member is expected to exceed the 4 hour limit, the DSIAC Core Analysis Task (CAT) Coordinator is available to discuss options for performing extended research or analysis on a cost recovery basis via an IDIQ Delivery Order.  More information on the DSIAC CAT process is available on this website.  And remember, you can also keep up with the latest technology trends by visiting the nine Defense Systems Communities of Practice and subscribing to the quarterly DSIAC Journal.  As always, if you have any questions, please call us at 443-360-4600.

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