Image Loss Metrics for Electro-Optic Sensors (Photo illustration of the ViSAR system) (Photo illustration of the ViSAR system)

What metrics are used to measure electro-optics sensor performance or image loss due to image compression artifacts?

DSIAC staff were requested to research and compile a list of technical reports in which image loss due to compression and compression-related artifacts were studied and characterized. The purpose of the research was the support an analysis of electro-optic sensors. DSIAC staff and military sensing subject matter experts (SMEs) collaborated to produce a thorough set of relevant sources. DSIAC personnel conducted a search of the DTIC database and identified multiple relevant sources. Additionally, DSIAC military sensing SMEs performed a parallel search through the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) document database revealing an additional set of relevant sources. DSIAC staff compiled the entire set of sources into a bibliography and appended it to formal response report accompanied by a description of the literature research methodology. 

Inquiry Completion Date: 
Saturday, April 1, 2017
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