air defense system (ADS)

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Generic Target Models for Use in MUVES

DSIAC subject matter experts (SMEs) developed generic target models to be used in creating an enhanced testing suite for the MUVES model. The targets were delivered in typical SolidWorks format with the association tables and BRL-CAD (U.S. Army Ballistic Research…


Russia Claims Laser Weapon Designed to Obliterate Targets Within Fractions of a Second Has Entered Combat Service

The Peresvet combat laser, a weapon Russian President Vladimir Putin boasted about earlier this year, has entered experimental combat service with the Russian armed forces. A new Russian laser weapon designed to instantly obliterate targets entered military service over the weekend, the Russian defense ministry revealed. Russia’s Peresvet laser system, named after the medieval warrior

Marines Size Up Laser Weapons

U.S. Marine Corps operations are demanding. Weapons need to be ruggedized and mobile for quick assaults. And high-energy laser weapons such as those the Navy is developing will be large and draw high levels of power. For the Marines to be able to employ these laser weapons, the technologies must be as efficient and as

Pakistan Strengthens Low-to-Medium Altitude Air Defense

Pakistan is developing its ‘defense by denial’ strategy by strengthening its air defense capabilities. 2017 has already seen the Pakistan Army successfully induct a Chinese made Low-to-Medium Altitude Air Defence System (LOMADS) LY-80. The LY-80 is also known as HQ-16A in China and is a product of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corps (CASC) and