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Cool Textiles to Beat the Heat

Air-conditioned buildings bring welcome relief to people coming in from the heat. But creating that comfort comes with a cost to our wallets and the environment in the form of increased energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions. Now researchers report in ACS Nano the development of a new material for clothing that we could one

Formation of Boron Carbide-Boron Nitride Carbon Compositions

The present disclosure is generally related to synthesis of boron carbide and boron nitride. Boron carbide is a highly refractory material that is of great interest for both its structural and electronic properties. Of particular importance are its low density, high-temperature stability, high hardness, high chemical stability, high cross-section for neutron capture, and excellent high-temperature

”Ideal” Energy Storage Material for Electric Vehicles Developed

The goal of a polymer dielectric material with high energy density, high power density and excellent charge-discharge efficiency for electric and hybrid vehicle use has been achieved by a team of materials scientists. “Polymers are ideal for energy storage for transportation due to their light weight, scalability and high dielectric strength,” says Qing Wang, professor