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TARDEC Pursues Advanced Power Generation

In the middle of a desert or other remote military zone, advanced power generation can keep the U.S. Army’s ground vehicles and combat support equipment ready for the demands of duty. “Our power generation advancements are impressive in terms of the capabilities these technologies enable. The most exciting ground vehicle advancements, including driver-optional capabilities, are

The Army Wants Its Brigades To Be Able To Fight For An Entire Week Without Resupply

Concerns are growing throughout the U.S. military about the potential difficulties in rapidly deploying large amounts of personnel and equipment into a theater of operations under fire during a major conflict and whether there will be any bases of operation to support them once they get there. Now, the U.S. Army says it is looking

Hydrogen fuel cell technology could bring stealth to Army vehicles

A Chevrolet Colorado floated over large cement blocks down a road at General Motors Proving Ground at a good clip. At first listen, it’s like the truck is part of a silent film, but birds tweeting and leaves rustling validate the existence of sound. This is what it’s like to hear the ZH2 hydrogen cell-powered