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This Is the Laser That Marines Have Chosen to Dazzle, Hail and Warn

The Marines are replacing the “mini-green” laser with an upgraded version of the hail and warning system that integrates laser range finding and allows troops to better target individuals with the laser to avoid lethal encounters. The laser, known as Glare Recoil and dubbed the LA-22/U by the Marine Corps, is a dazzling laser that

USMC: Escalation of Force – Non-Lethal Effects

Escalation of Force – Non-Lethal Effects (EoF-NLE) is the application of non-lethal capabilities that enable an individual to control a situation and execute a variety of missions while minimizing risk of significant injury and collateral damage. The definition presumes the individual’s right to self-defense and does not limit or rule out the use of lethal

USMC: Escalation of Force – Mission Modules (EoF-MM)

The Escalation of Force-Mission Modules consists of multi-functional non-lethal weapon systems and force protection equipment needed to satisfy the operational requirement to apply non-lethal force during escalation of force situations. The system is designed by capability module for expedited deployment and replaces all previously fielded Force Protection Capability Sets. The Escalation of Force-Mission Modules provides