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Navy”s Railgun Is About to Get Faster and More Powerful

The U.S. Navy”s experimental railgun is getting new upgrades to make it fire more powerful shots, and fire them faster. It”s the latest bit of progress on this still-landlocked weapon, but when and where it actually would be installed on a warship is not clear. Defensetech reports the Navy wants to push the Office of

The Zumwalt Destroyer Is Here, Now What About the Railgun?

The USS Zumwalt, lead ship of a new class of advanced stealth destroyers, was commissioned on Saturday, October 15th with great fanfare. The knifelike ship, armed with two 155-millimeter guns and 80 vertical launch silos, has no shortage of firepower. The Navy hopes to install a railgun in place of the one of the main

US Navy”s New Super Stealth Destroyer Getting Ready to Test Its New Guns and Missiles

The Navy”s new “first-of-its-kind” stealthy destroyer will soon go to San Diego, Calif., where it will go through what’s called “ship activation” – a process of integrating the major systems and technologies on the ship leading up to an eventual live-fire exercise of its guns and missiles. As part of this process, the Navy will