electromagnetic (EM) weapons

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Gallium Nitride Transistor Technology Development for HPM DEWs

DSIAC was asked to determine the state of solid-state gallium nitride (GaN) amplifier technology development for high-powered microwave (HPM), directed energy weapons (DEWs). DSIAC used a collection of HPM DEW and microelectronics subject matter expert…

Maritime Environmental Effects on Electromagnetic (EM) Energy Propagation

DSIAC was asked to support the Homeland Defense Information Analysis Center (HDIAC) to find information on research, testing, and technologies that explore the effects of the lower atmosphere on the propagation of EM energy in…


AFRL Scientists Investigate: Can Microwaves Reduce Viability of Airborne Coronavirus Spread?

ARLINGTON, VA – U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory scientists draw on their academic and industrial connections in the science and technology ecosystem to investigate the possibility of using light and radiation to decontaminate and sterilize areas…