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Countering the UAV Threat

The success of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in providing real-time information to military commanders has contributed to both mission effectiveness and protecting personnel. The expansion of commerical UAVs can bring about disruptive uses, intentional or not, as well as their use in asymmetric warfare. Combating these potential threats will require a new front in electromagnetic

DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge (SC2) & Battle of the ModRecs

Spectrum Collaboration Challenge (SC2) The DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge is the first-of-its-kind collaborative machine-learning competition to overcome scarcity in the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. Today, spectrum is managed by dividing it into rigid, exclusively licensed bands. This human-driven process is not adaptive to the dynamics of supply and demand, and thus cannot exploit the full

Today’s Battle for Electromagnetic Spectrum Interoperability and Dominance

U.S. and allied military forces are working on new electronic warfare, cyber warfare, spectrum warfare, and information warfare systems to seize and hold control of communications, radar, and other important sensors. Cyber warfare, information warfare, electronic warfare (EW), spectrum warfare, electromagnetic maneuver warfare. Those are only some of the names by which U.S. military experts