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Technology Trends for Future Radar

In this paper recent technical advances for future radar are outlined. Technological challenges such as ultra-broadband radar and multifunctional RF applications along with its operational benefits are discussed. New trends such as the path towards future fully digital frontends as well as distributed aperture radar systems including MIMO and Passive Radar are addressed. In addition

Metamaterial Radar Is Exactly What Delivery Drones Need

Echodyne”s metamaterial-based radar is about the size of a cellphone and has a performance comparable to that of fancy phased-array radars that the military uses while costing much less. As we’ve pointed out over the last few years, there are some issues with the idea of urban or suburban delivery drones. Besides the fact that

Anti-UAV Defense System to be Tested at Airports Across the US

The rising threat of small, unmanned drones near airports is becoming increasingly important to the US.Now a UK-developed system capable of jamming signals on UAVs is going to be trialed by the US aviation authority.The system uses high powered radio waves to disable drones, effectively blocking their communication and switching them off in midair.Three British