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BionicFinWave”s Undulating Fin Propulsion May Give Underwater Drones More Precise Control

Underwater robot with unique undulating fin drive. The marine planarian, cuttlefish and Nile perch have one thing in common: in order to propel themselves, they use their fins to generate a continuous wave, which advances along their entire length. With this so-called undulating fin movement, the BionicFinWave also maneuvers through a pipe system made of

“3D Cocooner” Bionic Lattice Structures from the Robotic Spinneret

Whether in the form of a net to catch prey, or a protective cocoon, spiders and caterpillars can create amazing shapes with the help of their spinning threads. With the 3D Cocooner, Festo has developed a bionic technology platform that spins complex and equally stable shapes, which are very similar to these natural structures.In order