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Navy Arms Destroyers With New High-Powered Laser – Changes War Tactics

(Washington, DC) If swarms of enemy small attack boats armed with guns and explosives approached a Navy ship, alongside missile-armed drones and helicopters closing into strike range, ship commanders would instantly begin weighing defensive options – to include interceptor missiles, electronic warfare, deck-mounted guns, or area weapons such as Close-in-Weapons System. Now, attacks such as

Navy Rolling Out First Laser-Based Air Defense Weapon

The Navy recently announced that the High Energy Laser and Integrated Optical-dazzler with Surveillance system, or HELIOS, will be seeing its first action onboard the Pearl Harbor-based USS Preble. The destroyer will be outfitted with the weapon system in 2021 to counter unmanned aerial systems and other surface craft. Down the road, the HELIOS could

Lasers: Beyond The Power Problem

WASHINGTON: Integration of lasers on ships and other weapons is the biggest challenge today— not power. Officers and officials say there are lots of devilish details to deal with before the US military can employ laser weapons on the battlefield, from beam control to targeting to controls you can operate without a PhD. “I’m not