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Low-Cost Lightweight Hyperspectral Imagers Bring Sophisticated Imaging Capability to Drones

In a new study, researchers used 3D printing and low-cost parts to create an inexpensive hyperspectral imager that is light enough to use onboard drones. They offer a recipe for creating these imagers, which could make the traditionally expensive analytical technique more widely accessible. Hyperspectral imagers produce images like a traditional color camera but detect

AFIT Research Team Develops Enhanced Imaging System to Aid in Search and Rescue, Security and Surveillance

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, OH – The Sensors Exploitation Research Group at the Air Force Institute of Technology, led by Dr. Michael J. Mendenhall, has honed in on the process of differentiating human skin from other materials within an image to reduce false detection. Color-image based systems, useful in locating people injured or missing in