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Fiber Lasers Mean Ray Guns Are Coming

The U.S. Navy’s most advanced laser weapon looks like a pricey amateur telescope. As it emerges from a chassis high on the USS Ponce to look out onto the daytime sky above the Persian Gulf, its operator sits in a darkened room elsewhere on the ship holding what looks like a game controller. The screen

Fiber Lasers: High-Power, Single-Mode Fiber Lasers Advance

If there is one obvious trend in laser technology, then it is the rise of fiber lasers. Fiber lasers took over market shares from high-power CO2 lasers, as well as from bulk solid-state lasers in high-power cutting and welding. Major fiber laser manufacturers are currently addressing a number of new applications to conquer even more

Scalable High-Energy Laser Effector Shows Promise

Scalable laser weapon system brings down UAVs in all weathers, showing promise for military deployment, Defense systems company MBDA Deutschland has reported successful testing of a new high-energy laser effector – a key element in a laser-based weapons system – at a military training facility on Germany’s North Sea coast. The company says the tests,