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Operational Energy Data is the New Weapon of the U.S. Air Force

Wait — flying faster actually saves fuel? That was my first reaction when my team presented the results of its fuel analysis for a transoceanic mission made up of six F-22 Raptors and two KC-10 Extenders. Our demonstration proved that fifth-generation fighters need to fly faster (about 10 percent faster than the legacy aerial refueling

Army to Use Artificial Intelligence to Predict Which Vehicles Will Break Down

The U.S. Army is turning to a little-known tech start-up to automate the job of an equipment technician: It will employ artificial intelligence to flag failing vehicle parts before they break down in combat. The company, Chicago-based Uptake Technologies, has finalized a $1 million contract agreement with the U.S. Army, under which the company”s technology

The $10,000 Pen and Other Effects of Logistics on the Gulf Coast

University of West Florida (UWF) creates new Center for Supply Chain Management Excellence. Check out The $10,000 Pen and Other Effects of Logistics on the Gulf . Today’s businesses operate in increasingly complex domestic and global marketplaces. The supply chain management professional recognizes, understands and manages logistics and transportation operations and markets such services. UWF